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Ronshine Service Group Co., Ltd.

Ronshine Service Group Co., Ltd (02207.HK) is a large-scale professional property management company with national Level-1 Certificate, and is also a member of the China Property Management Institute. It ranked 19th in the Top 100 Property Management Service Companies of China in 2021, and was listed on board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Jul.16, 2021.

Delving in cities and operating in regions. Ronshine Service takes the national strategic layout,delving into the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Straits and the Economic Zone of the Yangtze River Delta and radiating to other regions of the country. The service items are distributed in over 50 cities in five regions: Fujian, Zhejiang, Southwest China, Shanghai and Jiangsu province, Central China, and five professional companies, Rongguan Engineering, Ronglin Commerce, Rongmao Housing Estate, Hemei Hairun, Commercial Management, were established to provide the diversified value-added service.

Guarding with Ingenuity and Building with Warmth. Ronshine Service establishes the “Beauty +” overall life service and “ROYEEDS” high-end service system, meeting the diversified needs of service and joining hands with the clients to build the beautiful community ”with quality, temperature and love”.

Ronshine Service always keeps the service ideal “Diligence satisfies you, and effort moves you”, practices the managing ideal “Positive thought, heading together, progressive, all-win”, and sticks to the enterprise mission”Let service create value”, to devote itself to the realization of the wish ”Becoming the most reliable cooperative partner of the clients”.

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